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  • Two sides to every story 

    Wow. At the risk of sounding pompous, "I knew it" ! 
    I just knew you could not possibly be putting pets in harms way, and that you genuinely have a caring nature towards them. 

    I am trying to digest all of what you sent, and will admit, I get a little lost when the technical talk gets deep. BUT, I hear you loud and clear ... This is mind blowing and it is the very reason that there are so many pets that go uncared for, and ultimately homeless. People just can not afford to own a pet! 

    Toby (my GS) actually has an appointment in two days. I am canceling this appointment, and will subsequently cancel my wellness plan. My boyfriend's dog, has the plan through the Norwalk Store. That will be canceled too! Of course, this leaves me in a bit of a dilemma, not having a vet. 
    Not to mention, I will NOT spend one dime in Petsmart, and, boy, did I spend a lot of dimes in that store!! Once again, a dilemma as I had the dogs on Authority Dog food and don't know where else to buy it. (Also, get Petey, my cats SO food is from there) 

    I plan to send a letter to the Banfield Corp. expressing my dissatisfaction. How much of what you told me, can I use? In their communication to you, I think they stated that you could not communicate with their customers. I did reach out to you, so hopefully, this will null and void that. 

    Other than that, and telling everyone I know, the importance of Boycotting them, please let me know of what more I can do to assist you in your pursuit of informing the public. (Fyi- i have already had communication with a friend who use to live in ct, now Florida, said he had his 3 beagles at Norwalk Banfield. He said they now get half the shots at his Vet in Florida, that they got here!) 

    I do work for a Print Company and will gladly offer any assistance you may need with printed material, or computer related stuff. This, of course, would not be with the intent to make any money what so ever off this cause. 

    Bridgett Dunn 

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