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Hello Dr. Rob:     Kathleen and I were very saddened and distressed to hear of your ouster from Banfield, Stamford.   Please let us know where you are practicing so we can make cat plans for the future.   We have complete trust in you and we are heartened to know that you stand behind your values and beliefs.     We know this is not going to end quietly and we wanted to remind you that we live in Darien, as does Scott Pelley from CBS's  60 Minutes. Your story would be a perfect segment for the 60 Minutes crew.   I believe Scott Pelley lives at  5 Peach Hill Road in Darien  (zip 06820).   Perhaps some of your friends or legal contacts can call the Darien Tax Assessor's office to confirm that and present all your evidence to Scott for use on the program. Also,  perhaps you can contact Dr. Alexandra Quarti  (Banfield's medical director)  and state your feelings and beliefs and have them on record with her, and pass on her email ( to your clients so they can e-mail her and express their concerns as Kathleen and I did thank you 

Kathleen and Tim Maher 

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