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Banfield Needs to be Taken Down

Dear Dr Robb

After visiting Banfield Stamford yesterday for a pet check up and prescription renewal. Karl and I heard that you were dismissed and a vague story of why. Our instincts told us something was very wrong so we just got the medicine renewal and left. The ONLY reason we went to Banfield was because you were the Vet.

When we got home I researched online for more information. Thankfully we found this site. I am totally disgusted with this situation you are in, and for us. Now we don't have a great Vet for Bob the Bulldog! We also had Bonus, a golden retriever that we had to put down in February due to an aggressive oral tumor. You were beside us lovingly.

I just wanted to let you know you are a great man and your kindness for animals and their keepers can never be taken away. People know in their hearts who is right and wrong. Nothing this company says or does has any bearing on how we feel about you. They are wrong and criminal in our eyes. It's very upsetting that our country is run by greed. Even the pet industry is corrupt.

We would like you to put us on your mailing list and keep us up to date with what is going on. We will cancel Bob's health plan with Banfield tomorrow. I will look for another Vet and hope that you will be practicing in the Stamford area soon so that we can join you again.

Please don't give up. We will support you if you need references. Banfield needs to be taken down. This is a horrible situation for you and your family to suffer through. Just know that your clients and pets care about you. Your kindness and caring was greatly appreciated.


Mary Ann and Karl Lendenmann

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