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Banfield wants Facebook Silenced!

Since you are not at Banfield can we know where you are working? So we could bring our animals to you, I was at Banfield today because my pet is sick, they told me they had
no openings, I have never been turned away in the 7 years I have been a member . I was told to call Norwalk they are so inundated. That they couldn't see my dog either, I had to call corporate and they put me on the phone with a girl who was young and pleasant but I was upset that I am paying all this money for my dog and cat what are we supposed to do When our pets get sick , until corporate figures out their ass from their elbow. they said a there is nothing they could do for me. I asked to speak to someone higher they will have someone call me in a few hours. Lo and behold I got off the phone and proceeded to go on Facebook to leave a description on what happened. The vet from Banfield in Oregon called tamford and made them see my pet. I brought her right in apparently they are only seeing pets for revaccinations and for other issues they are being sent to Norwalk Banfield. I left norwalk when I heard you were here. I knew I would get better care for my pet. I dropped her off and there were about 8-9 people there and I started talking to another woman and she was demanding that someone contact her and do a titter on her dogs to see if they even need the vaccine at their expense they have been playing head games with her for the last week she also needed medication for her two schnauzers they don't even have the proper doses for drugs they need to give patients. They have 2 refrigerators in the rooms now on the counters to show patients that their animals are getting vaccines. Mine did not get it because she was to ill.

I left her there so they couldn't do a few tests on her and I get home and I get a call from a project manager that they have to try to diffuse any issues that are apparently arising out of this. She said that corporate called her because they heard of my dilemma. I then went back to pick her up and met the girl face to face and said in front of a bunch of patients that Banfield is stalking Facebook. I do not believe that you would improperly give a dose of medication on a pet unless there is a valid- reason. They don't have one. I do feel bad for the staff that is there because they of course are bearing the brunt because its the first face people see. But they did tell me that many people are upset about this but don't know both sides of the story. Hopefully we will speak since I am reaching out to you since my animals are under your

Deborah Jezierski

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