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Both of these guys have great cases against this co and vet practice. I totally agree and believe it or not, I only vaccinated when I was raising beagles and bassets after titers had been drawn and numbers were present and only for what they were not good on. This crap of annual vaccines is ridiculous. I am even leary of 3 yr dosing of the kids. I don't even do it after 6-7 yrs at all; if they don't have it (immunity) another shot isn't going to produce it. I have been screaming about vaccinosis and no one wants to listen to me. Thus why I do my own
schedule and don't care what notices I get from the vets office. Titers mean to them that they have to stock individual doses of every vaccine, which isn't cheap, but any way you look at it you pay in the end for it. These young vets are scared to lose their jobs, if they don't produce big sales. That's why vet care has gone down the tubes yrs ago. I hope he nails these guys to the wall.



Thank you for the words of support. This is not over, I will be back in Stamford but we have to bring the truth. We will be picketing the Petsmart in Stamford from 9 am until 6 pm on Saturday the 19th of January. The news cameras will be there and it will give you an opportunity to set the record straight. I have done nothing but do my best to protect your beautiful Danes they would destroy them for profit. They must be stopped.
God Bless you! Doc

To the Pet lovers and Animal Lovers across the USA! - Petsmat has been out-petsmarted!

It’s time to take action to Protect the Pets. Petsmart along with Banfield the Pet Hospital and the Mars Company have been committing Petocide – the systematic destruction of Pets for profit by corporations. It’s time to stop the carnage. There will be a National Picket of every Petsmart store across the USA on January 19 th . Won’t you give one day back and be the voice to the Nation for our Pets in your area? We the people have the power; it’s time to use it for our pets!
God Bless you all! Dr Robb


Dr. Robb,
I am thankful that we have had the opportunity to have you in our lives. After reading your newsletters and finding out what has been happening with you really makes me mad. I would like to know if we would be able to see you for our girls annual visit and have a recommendation of a Vet to handle large breeds. Our Grand Dane girls; Ellie Mae and Dana will not be renewing their insurance contract with Banfield.

Rose and Rich


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