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Four cute little poodles!


Dear Mr Nickerson, 

Thank you for your fine article on Dr John Robb and his efforts to  continue practicing at Petsmart.  

My four tiny poodles (6-12 pounds each) have been patients of Dr Robb  for several years, and he is the BEST, most dedicated/smart/caring vet  we have ever had!  This situation regarding the vaccines is ludicrous--I  personally ASKED him, every time,  not to give my doggies the same dose  as that given to a dog FIFTEEN TIMES their size. 

In fact, one of my dogs had kidney and liver failure several years ago  at another pet hospital after a full vaccine. . . I could not prove it,  but wondered whether the vaccine might have been to blame?  (That  incident cost me over $4000, in addition to the pain of watching my pet 
nearly die.) 

As a (former) lawyer, and recently an "ethics" graduate of Yale Divinity  School, I want to help, and realize that Dr Robb may be able to use  testimony such as mine in his present dispute.  Can you please tell me  how to contact him?  He is a WONDERFUL person and deserving of the  community's support--but it is likely that most of his patients, like  me, have no idea how to reach him or offer our help. 

Thank you very much. 


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