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Your Patient Ginger


Dr. Robb, I apologize for using your website email to reach out to you but I have no other way to contact you since you were physically removed from Banfield Stamford. I now know why we have been unable to speak with you and/or contact you. I Googled you and found out what Banfield did to you. I am appalled at Banfield’s conduct and plan to personally begin a letter-writing campaign to complain about their practices. Things are now starting to make sense to me even with regard to the Banfield in Peekskill. I can NEVER get an appointment and the Dr. that was there, I was told, seems to be on a VERY extended vacation (over two months). To help with your campaign I Tweeted your Facebook page regarding the boycott and protest against Banfield set for March.

I am sure that you will not remember our pet Ginger (our gorgeous Shiba Inu girl) since you have so many loving patients but my husband and I came to see you about a year ago for a comprehensive exam, having come to you from the Banfield in Cortlandt Manor near Peekskill, NY. Ginger has severe allergies and has had chronic ear infections since she was a puppy (she is now almost 10.) Her ear canals are essentially closed and calcified. You suggested ear surgery. Having tried to get her an appointment in the Peekskill Banfield since she was so sick (only to be told we would have to wait four weeks for an appointment) I took her to the Yonkers Banfield. She is so bad that we have decided to go forward with the surgical intervention since her latest bout with three types of bacteria in her ears has made her extremely ill. They were very concerned as they said one of the bacterial infections could lead to MRSA. Over $300 later (with the top of the line Banfield insurance) I walked out with two ear medications, an antiseptic wash for her pads which she chewed to the point that they looked like bloody chopped meat and became so enlarged that she has trouble walking.

Dr. Robb are you still practicing and if so, where? If not, the Yonkers Banfield vets want us to take Ginger to the VCA Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers for the surgery. We are so concerned about Ginger and don’t want her to suffer any longer with this condition.

In closing, I will tell you that Banfield has become a corporate money-making machine with the interest of only the bottom line – not the pet. I am attaching to this email a copy of what I actually paid for for Ginger. What I did not tell you yet is what the “estimate” was when I picked Ginger up that day. The estimate for what they “suggested” be done to her (not including the contemplation of surgery) was approximately $795. They would not give me a copy of the estimate. There was a full page of suggested procedures to be done. They wanted to do a thyroid screening for $205, they wanted to do the culture again on her ears which when I had it done in Peekskill which cost me over $200 (at Banfield), expression of the anal glands, and the list went on and on. When I asked why they suggested this or why they suggested that they said well there could be underlying reasons for her dry skin, her blah, blah, blah. I felt guilted into the items that cost me over $300 not knowing if these things would do any good but assuming they had Ginger’s best interest at heart like I do. Dr.

Robb I hope you can at least advise me as to what I should do. I will do what I can to further your cause against Banfield and look forward to hearing from you and fervently hope to see you vindicated.



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