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Pet dies from over-vaccination at Banfield


Here's an update on the Golden Puppy who was taken to a Banfield in Commack, LI. The 17 week old, 12 pound puppy was given 3 full dose vaccines including rabies. 

"Cindy Lee wrote: "Well another puppy killed by this horrible practice! This baby died a horrible, painful death before being euthanized thanks to a STUPID non-caring vet practice. He lost his sight, his brain swelled, he became immobile, had a spinal tap to determine if he had vaccinosis (which what else could he possibly have had) seeing he was a bouncing happy pup before they gave him multiple shots at once. Anyone who uses this place needs to have their heads examined! This vet thinks very little of either his patients or his licensure, which needs to be suspended so he can get his priorties in better order. To ignore what you were taught because a corporation tells you to sell products and services with no consideration for the outcome of your actions, certainly does not need to be attending to young animals or any animals. He killed this pup with his greed! The big problem is HOW DO WE INFORM ALL THE UNSUSPECTING FUR-PARENTS NOT TO USE THIS PLACE? HOW DO WE TELL THEM THEY WILL BE PLAYING RUSSIAN-ROULETTE WITH THEIR ANIMALS LIFE? I am angry that this pup died because of ignorance, stupidity and greed. The family is heartbroken at the loss of this baby, how do you explain to a child your puppy died because he saw a stupid, greedy vet? I am out-raged at this act of cruelty as all the people who read these comments should be as well, this did not have to happen, and how many more will happen before they are closed down or listen and change policy! Wake up people! Get angry! This could have been your new fur-baby! Boycott everything, everyone, every business even vaguely associated with these people! Make them feel the pain in the only place possible, THEIR WALLETS!"

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