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Quite dismayed

Dear Mr. Payne,

I received a letter dated December 21st 2012 from Banfield Pet Hospital signed by Jeffrey Klausner Chief Medical Officer and Karen Faunt VP of Medical Quality Advancement. I have included a copy of this letter is case you are not aware of it.

The letter is about the termination of Dr. John Robb, a franchisee who operated your Stamford Connecticut location #1867.  I was quite dismayed at the accusation that Dr. Robb “was practicing medicine that was not up to Banfield or profession-wide medical standards in certain respects”. I think this borders on a slanderous accusation as you offer no details to support Banfield’s charge.

My relationship with Dr. John Robb began on October 8th 2008 where he ended up saving my 9 year old dog’s life!    Prior to meeting Dr. Robb, I had been using a vet in Darien Ct. My dog is a female yellow Labrador retriever named Dorothy. I had spent over a $1000.00 at the Darien vet trying to resolve an anal gland infection and growth. They had Dorothy on several types of medications none of which were working and she was getting worse. I had heard of Banfield in Stamford Ct and decided to see what they might offer in advice. At my first visit with Dr. Robb, he spent close to 40 minutes inquiring about Dorothy’s condition and what care she had received. He discovered that the Darien vet had not done a culture of the infection and that they just administered antibiotics and considered her cured. I was impressed with Dr. Robb’s concern and his interest in how to fix Dorothy. I felt more comfortable with him in 40 minutes that I had in the Darien vet during the many years I used them.  On October 31, 2008 Dr. Robb had Dorothy’s big surgery day $2486.44 worth to be exact. With a biopsy, he discovered she had a low grade malignant tumor that did not appear to have spread beyond the tumor. In addition,  Dr. Robb found that Dorothy had two different infections – something the Darien vets never found.  Dr. Robb had to do extensive research to find a vaccine to kill BOTH infections. Fortunately, his research worked. Now if you are a pet owner you know what this meant – simply put “Dorothy lives to fight another day”!

To me, Dr. Robb’s termination cannot be a result of his performance. I have never had a vet as good and as caring as he is.  There is probably another reason my guess it’s probably something about a franchise policy issue. As CEO you should inquire about what has happened here! What’s really going on? Why have you lost such a good person? More importantly, how can YOU fix it?

I looked up what I have spent with Banfield over the past 4 years. It comes to $7085.66.  I would think that makes Dorothy a pretty good dog for Banfield !  Here’s my bottom line ….. If you have lost Dr. Robb then you have lost Dorothy also.  She and I want him as our vet period!

John, I ran a printing business for many years. I know what it takes to be successful and how to take care of customers. I’d appreciate it if you would look into this situation with an eye toward resolving it and get Dr. Robb back on board.  I would be interested to know what you find.

Oh by the way, one last thing. I read in a local paper that Banfield had Dr. Robb arrested. Why on earth would they have done that?


Frederick Fichtel & Dorothy

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