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Powerful !

Powerful! I know the Holy Spirit is blessing you with the words as you describe the situation perfectly! Eventually they will throw in the towel. I have prayed for all of them but they will not be able to avoid God's wrath and his consequences. Stay strong, I will see you in that store in Stamford, but there will be a new name on the wall, not Banfield! God Bless, Doc


Sorry to hear about your issues with the company.

I moved here just a year old tomorrow from Boynton Beach FL. Live in Westport & came to you because of the hopelessness of that pigsty in Norwalk & nothing in that Stamford office would make me keep paying for that Wellness plan.

As it is, I pretty much decided I would likely go without it since the distance between us & the store does not make me as quick to go in for small concerns as I did to Dr. Kelleher at the Boynton store in FL.

I don't know if you remember but you did the X-rays on Scooch's front left knee & since he has been find since I started him on Omega 3 oil& Drs. Foster & Smith Joint Care Premium. To the point that I only have to give him a Novox on avg once a week. In fact since he's been on the Omega oil, the same I take, his eye's seem to have cleared up considerably.

However you know with Addison's he needs his lab work. I was thinking I'd take him while the plan is still in effect (till March) for his lab work so I know where his levels are.

I just phoned in a script for a new bottle of Percorten.

Now what? Do you know if you will be setting up shop anywhere no farther from Westport than the Stamford store is or if not - do you know of anyone in this area, Westport/Norwalk? Or anyone you can ask.

Had it not been for the holidays I wouldn't have gotten Scooch in for the labs just before this all happened but procrastinating I now am unsure as to what to do.

What that company is doing is disgusting. I have often argued with people who know of it & couldn't believe I took Scooch for the last 10 yrs to one but I always lucked out with the 2 best guys in the Boynton Beach FL. store who always made sure I knew I could refuse those boosters, never hesitated to slip me a few pills at no charge & see that no one up front
ever up sold us any crap, told us where to buy whatever meds or flea & tick prevention needed for the best price as did you.

In fact, I remember my first visit with you when I signed & decided to pay for the year up front for the top Wellness plan, usually paying month to month in the past. The girl at the desk had already take my money for the visit which when I then decided to just pay for the year, you had the presence of mind to make up the difference by giving me several months supply of the flea & tick medicine to simplify the transaction & make up the difference for what I had already paid.

I know this is a bad time for you. I hope you prevail & that the corporate suits can do you no harm as much as I'd like to continue to bring Scooch to you if the distance is not too much should you decide to stay in business.

I have already posted the Boycott Banfield Mars page with a note about my experiences here & the disgusting conditions of both the Petsmarts I've seen here.

I will support you in whatever you do.

I've been in contact with my friend Dr. Rick Kelleher in the Boynton Beach store to let him know what's going on so that in the mean time if I need any prescriptions approved I can just use him as Scooch's doctor for approval.

Hope to hear from you soon & God Bless.

Jerry Tuccillo.

AKA Scooch Senior.


Thank you for that wonderful letter, It was very timely and lifted my spirits. you know when i opened that hospital I prayed over it and told God this is your house. What they have done they have done to God not me. God is just working thru me to bring justice to some areas long overdue. The pets can't speak so I speak for them. We have already won, we just have to stay in God's will and do what he says when he says it and how he says it. You could also write a letter to the editor of Stamford Advocate. They tried to buy me off and that didn't work, they \tied to intimidate me and that didn't work. Its people like you and your pets that I love and they can never break that no matter what. I will be back there wait and see. There may be enough water ahead but Jesus will calm the storm. Thanks again and call me anytime 203-731-4251 , Doc


Hi Dr. Robb,
I so appreciate the rapid response to my email.

This is interesting. I was on Facebook & contacted Scooch's FL Vet at Banfield, Rick Kelleher the "Senior Vet" for the last few years.

He & all the longtime employees had been fired in October. Those employees are the ones who follow his practice of not up selling & sharing info about less expensive options for meds & necessities.

This is not just happening here.

I have also added my voice to that store's location & my store on as they have only 4 reviews that were by people who praised your work &
originally led me to come to Stamford over the much closer Norwalk store, my 1 star review, just knocked that location's rating down to 2-1/2 or thereabouts.
You also have another supporter there who wrote of you & I've been in contact with him & he responded to me through Yelp.

He mentioned something about a Cornell for a location? I presume he knows you. So as soon as it's safe, please let me know where I can find you & if you can in the meantime, recommend anyone up my way Westport or Norwalk as you know with Scooch's Addison's & age I have to be ready to have somewhere to run in the event of something urgent.

I would like to immediately write Banfield to make sure they know why after 12 years I am no longer purchasing a Wellness Plan. Luckily I paid upfront last time so they have no bank number to auto bill, though I believe they can't re-up me for another year anyway but I'd better not yet since now I no longer have Rick in the Boynton Beach store to approve prescriptions for me so I'll have to pretend that Scooch is still a patient of one of the Banfield's until either you're up & running or I have a name up near me here. I have
heard good things about a "Strawberry Hill?" Animal Hospital if I have the name right & they're very close, less than a mile away. I do worry about Scooch a little insanely so I do feeling like I'm now working without a net with both you & Dr. Kelleher no longer working currently. He's not yet found employment there yet.

Bless you & have faith - this is pure greedy evil corporatism & I don't think they ever get very far. They're Internet reputation is so awful that just typing "Banfield" in Google brings nothing but page after page after damning rants about them & their plans. I would imagine that before long they'll be too busy with class action lawsuits to be sending the police to anyone's home or even thinking about the employees they've wronged - not to mention the pets & people.


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