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Letter to Banfield Pet Hospital

Mr. John Payne CEO
Banfield Pet Hospital
8000 NE Tillamook Street
Portland Oregon 97213

Dear Mr. Payne,

On December 21st 2012 I received a letter from Banfield Pet Hospital about the termination of Dr. John Robb, the franchisee who operated your Stamford Connecticut location #1867.  I am both dismayed and incensed at the accusation that Dr. Robb “was practicing medicine that was not up to Banfield, or profession-wide medical standards in certain respects”.

Given my first hand experience with Dr. Robb’s exemplary care of my rescue dogs over a period of 20 years, I find this offensive to my vet research and selection process, but clearly showing that Banfield is completely out of the loop on what is and is not the best practice for our beloved pets.  As one of Dr. Robb’s loyal clients, I believe the accusation borders on slander, especially with no details to support Banfield’s charge.

You need to understand something integral to both your companies profit and your reputation at Banfield Pet Hospital Inc. In the past year I put three dogs on Banfield wellness plans, specifically so that Dr. John Robb could be their veterinarian. To be blunt, without Dr. Robb as vet and charter owner in Stamford, you lose my three dogs, along with every rescue adopter that I have opportunity to advise in the tight rescue community in Connecticut.

In 20 years Dr. Robb has offered exemplary care to my dogs and the dogs of many of my friends in the greyhound rescue community. Additionally, he stood up to the greyhound racing industry and gave evidence of animal abuse that resulted in trainer losing their license when we received a dozen starving greyhounds.

There is something very fishy about a corporation, that after recently being unsuccessful at trying to buy back Dr. Robb’s Banfield charter (at an unfair low price especially with his hugely successful practice), that then switches gears and now trumps up claims that he is providing sub-standard veterinary care. This is too much of a coincidence for me to believe Dr. Robb’s termination is a result of his performance.

No, there is probably another reason concerning a franchise policy issue. As CEO you are responsible for costing me the veterinarian that I chose to take my pets to – I did not go to Banfield Pet Hospital and happen upon Dr. Robb. I learned that Dr. Robb had moved to my area and operated his practice out of Banfield Stamford and I went to HIM! I do not recommend Banfield several times a week to other pet owners, I recommend Dr. Robb.

Why would you possibly want to lose such a good vet? I have a one year old rescue dog with a herniated umbilical cord that needs an operation that I intended to have done by Dr. Robb. Do I trust another of your veterinarians to put my dog under anesthesia for this? No I do not know and trust their abilities to the extent that I do Dr. Robb’s.

 I hope you intend to make things right, because until that time I will be writing letters to the editor and speaking to pet owners at the dog parks I frequent. If it takes speaking to the press and boycotting Banfield Pet Hospitals so be it. I think you are beginning to see that we believe in Dr. John Robb, we trust his experience, and if he says it is safer to titer than over vaccinate our pets then maybe Banfield should be reading and considering the same research.

Holding on to your current clients is integral to being a successful business. Unless Dr. Robb is reinstituted as charter owner and offered an apology from your company for his ludicrous arrest and psych evaluation, then Banfield will have seen the last of me. Notice I did not say “heard the last from me,” as I will continue to fight to clear the good doctor’s name. Don’t bother offering me facts about the necessity of arresting Dr. Robb, I was right next to him, listening to him say hello and offering written information to clients. How dare Banfield allude that Dr. Robb was a security threat to their clients on the same day as the Newtown tragedy, using it as an opportunity to close the pet hospital. Oh and by the way, ask them why they lied to my daughter when they called the next day to cancel our pets appointment, due to an “over scheduling conflict.”  You have a very large problem at Stamford’s Banfield’s Pet Hospital and it is not, I repeat, it is not Dr. John Robb.

Looking forward to a fast resolution,

Wendy Flamand

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