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Hello Dr. Robb

You have taken care of my beloved Tibetan Terrier Tenzin for the last 3 1/2 years. I trust you implicitly with my dog since he was 9 weeks old and was completely devastated when I received the letter from Banfield. You are such a kind and loving veterinarian and person who always has the animals' best interest in mind. I never questioned any of the decisions you ever made about my pet. You always explained everything to me and never ever tried to give me anything or sell me anything that I didn't need. You were the only reason we chose to use Banfield for our Tenzin. Over the years, I have recommended you and your practice to anyone who asked me about a vet in the area.

I am disgusted by the way that you are being treated. It is a testament to how greedy and selfish big business can be. There are many of us that will stand up for you and do what we need to do to help you in this situation.

Please let me know how we can still find you to care for our dog and if there is anything you need from me to support you against this corporate evil. I will write
letters, make phone calls, whatever you need.

We are behind you 100%!!
Much love and support
Leslie (and Tenzin too)

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