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Thankfully it's a slow day at work. I've now read through all the attachments you sent and I am light-years beyond angry. While I expected a philosophical difference, I did NOT expect that it would have played out in the manner it has. Particularly where their treatment of you is concerned.

Sherry & I (along with many others) will be fervently joining all efforts to correct this gross misconduct on Banfield's part. We will obviously be cancelling our Wellness plan, but that's only the beginning. You will see more of us in the coming weeks, months and whatever it takes. I will also send you copies of all correspondence, to both Banfield and Petsmart, that I will be sending to explicitly support your cause.

Stay tuned,


Thanks Dave for your words, We Fight - and will Win! No amount of money
will silence the people who want to speak, thanks again, Doc


I left for work right after sending the earlier message, but I HAD to take
the time to reply to this. For just now please know only a few things:

1. This makes me VERY happy (and it's good to know that I assessed the
situation accurately).
2. I will do MUCH more than just my earlier email.
3. I've already forwarded this to numerous people.
4. Yes - please connect me with anyone else who you think might find
value. This issue is VERY important to us.

You will see more of me when I've had time to read through all of the
documents (later today).

With you, we fight.



Hi David, thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words. I just
want you to know I will be back there in stamford, you can count on that.
I will attach some documents so you can get caught up with whats happened
and happening. I have two court dates ahead of me. We will win this battle
because good always wins over evil. Feel fee to share my e mail and cell #
with whoever you would like. Many clients are writing letters to the
editor of the Stamford Advocate and organizing in other ways. I can connect
you with them if you like. We are all busy in our lives so if you do
nothing more then take the time to contact me and let me know your thoughts
I am more than pleased with that. You have lifted my spirits, God Bless,

Feel free to foward this to whever you like. I rumor started circulating
that I will be working for Cornell, that is not the case. i am still
working for you and your pets!


Dear Dr. Robb,

This was the only email address I could find for you, and I truly hope it
finds its way into your eyes.

Sherry & I have absolutely no idea what transpired between you and
Banfield, but we wanted to convey our appreciation and support to you. You
are the reason we enrolled our dog, Jordan, in the wellness plan; and
you're also the reason we kept her in it. It *appears* to us that the
issue may well have been a philosophical one, and we trust your judgement
more than we'd ever trust any corporation's. In this regard we have all
come out losers.

To say we were disheartened by this development would be an
understatement. And friends of ours, also clients, feel the *exact *same
way. This was a blow to the stomach for *all* of us.

Ultimately, we just wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything
you've done for Jordan, and also to tell you that we'll miss you *
tremendously*. To be honest, we haven't yet decided what we'll do about
Jordan's care, but I guess we'll keep things as they are, at least for the
time being. Please know that you are in our minds, and in our hearts.

Thank *you*, Dr. Robb; for *everything*! We were fortunate to have you
caring for our beloved pet.

Dave Longo

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