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Dr Robb has a lifelong commitment of standing up for animals.  He believes each individual has the right to be protected and lives his Hippocratic Oath - do no harm.  The Mars Corporation who owns Banfield and is housed by PetSmart has put profits over pets and is trying to silence Dr Robb.  He has a long legal battle ahead of him as they are trying to take away his veterinary license and ruin him financially.  In addition they are trying to destroy his character, his good name.

Mars is suing Dr Robb in US Civil court, Hartford, Ct.  PetSmart is suing Dr Robb in Ct State court, Stamford, Ct.  The State of Ct is currently investigating his license.  These corporations try and wear an individual out by false accusations and attacks on many fronts.  They have high priced corporate lawyers with literally millions of dollars at their disposal.  Dr Robb has gone pro se in all of his court appearances with great success.  To continue the battle he needs funds to subpoena witnesses, take video depositions and get legal counsel.  This is not a non-profit defense fund so any donations you make will not be tax deductible.  However the monies will save the lives of many pets as Dr Robb goes forward to bring the truth about Mars who is the majority owner of Banfield the Pet Hospital and Petsmart who houses Banfield and is a minority owner.  These companies are very good at setting up foundations and have all sorts of rhetoric about how much they care about your pet.  The truth is your pet is but a pawn in their game to make a profit even if it means the life of your pet.  Dr Robb has put his whole career on the line to defend the innocent.  If you can afford it he asks for your help.  It is not the amount that you give but the heart that is behind it!  

God Bless, Dr Robb

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