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What is Protect the Pets?

Protect the Pets is a movement lead by Dr. Robb to educate pet owners about the realities of unsafe veterinary medicine and to inspire veterinary professionals to value the health of pets over the drive for profits.

Who is Dr. Robb?

Dr. Robb is an experienced and respected Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Connecticut. He has a reputation as a maverick within his profession for his commitment to exposing the peril to pets of unsafe animal care. Read his bio

What can I do to protect my pet?

Educate yourself! This site is dedicated to providing pet owners with valuable information to help you make better health choices for your pet. Start with How to evaluate a veterinary hospital, What to expect at your visit, and Red flags to watch for. You can also sign-up for our newsletter to keep on top of the latest issues. And most importantly, Tell a Friend! This movement depends on people like you to spread the word.

Is Dr. Robb trying to drive vets out of business?

Absolutely not. Dr. Robb believes the vast majority of veterinarians joined the professional out of a profound love for animals. But as he himself experienced, veterinarians face severe pressure to place productivity and profitability above the welfare of pets. His mission is to be a voice for all the vets who want to practice in an ethical and pet-safe way. Learn more about his philosophy and plan to transform veterinary medicine. You can join this movement by committing to follow the Dr. Robb Protect the Pets Code of Conduct.

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