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Meet Dr. Robb

Dr. John Robb is a respected doctor of veterinary medicine from Connecticut. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California – Davis in 1981 and his D.V.M from that same institution in 1985.

Dr. Robb began his practice at New Haven Central Veterinary Hospital. He purchased the New Fairfield Veterinary Hospital in 1988, renaming it to the Robb Animal Care Center in 1997. It was at this practice that Dr. Robb first established Community Appreciation Days, when he offered free exams and vaccinations to people who could not ordinarily afford veterinary care.

In April of 1999, Dr. Robb sold the Care Center to Veterinary Centers of America, (VCA). He continued to work as an associate veterinarian and then Medical Director at VCA Northside in Danbury until his departure in 2005.

Throughout his career, Dr. Robb has held an unwavering commitment to pets over profits. He has experienced first-hand the toxic effect of the drive for productivity and profitability on animal care. His unwillingness to observe the unspoken “rules” among veterinarians that emphasize protecting the vet over protecting the pet, has earned him the love and respect of pet owners. While some in the industry want to silence him, he has become a voice and a leader for the majority of animal care professionals who want to live their passion and provide the very best in care to our animal companions.

Dr. Robb lives in New Fairfield Connecticut with his wife, Aldona, his daughter Tiffany, their guinea pig "Manolo," tortoise "India," snake "Bozo," dog "Hudson" and cat "Shadow."

Dr. Robb: My Story

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