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One of the goals of Protect the Pets is to start a national – and ultimately worldwide – conversation about animal health care. Look to this section for updates on our press coverage, advertising campaigns and how we’re getting the word out.

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Our New Ad Campaign

The Right Message to the Right Audience

When we have a great idea, we all want to shout it from the rooftops and reach the widest audience. But the press isn’t in the business of being our personal broadcaster. We have to take advantage of every opportunity to meet the needs of a specific media outlet so we can become known to their editors and readers, and eventually build a following.

I recently sent out a press release that got picked up by a newspaper in Syracuse, NY (article here). The paper was doing a story on pet wellness, and it happened that my release had some good bulleted information and "soundbite" quotes that worked for the story.

I made it easy for that reporter to use me in her story, and I hope the next time she has a pet-related topic, she’ll come to me again for a quote. That’s the way we all need to build this movement. By being willing to "meet the press" halfway.

Have you been successful in getting favorable press coverage for Protect the Pets? We’d love to hear about it.

Our New Ad Campaign

Beginning mid-October, Protect the Pets will be running a banner ad campaign on that will feature the names of all member vets. Our previous banner ad on Petfinder tripled our site traffic!

The goals of this campaign are to encourage more grassroots involvement in the Protect the Pets movement by pet owners and to help them identify vets that are committed to practicing pet-safe animal care. We’re excited to be able to get your name out to this audience. is a very popular searchable national database of pets available for adoption. It generates 8,000 hits a week and is linked to by over 3,300 other websites. The site is sponsored by Purina, Frontine, HeartGard, Petco and Bissell.
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