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Community outreach, direct marketing, dealing with the press…some of these activities may be new to you. Here’s where you can learn how to apply the Protect the Pets Member Tools and other marketing techniques to raise awareness about your practice and your membership in Protect the Pets.

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Marketing Your Business
See and Be Seen
Blogs Aren’t Just For People

Marketing Your Business

We believe there is an untapped market of people who, given a choice, would prefer a veterinarian who emphasizes wellness and total pet-safe care. They just need a way to find you.

That’s where your Protect the Pets materials come in. Your membership packet includes templates for a client letter and a press release. We’ve given you a head start, now you just need to customize these pieces to your own practice.

The letter will tell your existing clients about your commitment to the Protect the Pets philosophy and the benefits they receive from bringing their pet to you. This will give them even more reasons to refer new patients to your practice.

The press release is designed to pique the interest of a news editor. Pet stories are very popular in local papers, as is information about health care. There are many parallels in the issues facing human and animal medicine, so it is easy for people to apply their understanding of the challenges of getting good care for themselves, to their pets. A story in the press will help raise the public’s awareness of the need to ask more questions and seek out the right caregivers.

We recognize some see this kind of self-promotion as controversial for veterinarians. But guaranteeing the success of your practice is just another way of protecting the pets. We would love to hear your experiences as you use these materials. It will help us as we create more marketing tools for you in the future.

See and Be Seen

One of the tactics we recommend to raise your practice’s profile in your area is to participate in local events. Many state and local humane societies host walk-a-thons and “kitten and puppy adoption” days. Even county fairs and “Taste of…” events are excellent family-oriented venues. Ask if you or members of your staff can participate and be sure to wear Protect the Pets branded clothing (available from our store) and bring buttons and personalized flyers to hand-out.

Blogs Aren't Just For People

One of the fascinating aspects of the internet is the ability for anyone to champion a cause and become an authority on a subject they care passionately about. Many people accomplish this by setting up websites called weblogs, or blogs for short, that become a clearinghouse for specific kinds of information.

We don’t have to tell you that pet owners feel passionately about their animal companions and the quality of their healthcare. Type “blog” and “pets” into Google and you’ll get over 35,000,000 results! People with this level of commitment are a natural match for your practice. It’s time for some outreach.

Do some online searching to determine if there is a local blog with an emphasis on pets. Send them an email explaining your membership in Protect the Pets and include a link to and/or your own website. Encourage them to learn more about the movement and to add you to their “blogroll” or collection of recommend links. Look in the tools section for branded images they can add to their site to promote the link.
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