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-Banfield the Pet Hospital


-The Mars Company

They are killing our pets! Pass it on!!

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To All the Pet Lovers and Animal Lovers of the world

God has spoken to my heart and assured me how we will have victory here – how those people in positions in high places who masquerade as animal lovers but in truth have sold their soul for money will be removed.  What they would do to our pets for money they are not doing to their own dog in their living room, over vaccinating.  The battle will be won and they will be brought down but let’s understand now how we fight the battle.
Banfield, Mars and Petsmart are all litigious.  They want the battle in the courtrooms because their pockets are deep and they look for some law that’s been broken or appears to be broken to bring their enemies down.  They are not interested in the heart of the matter but working on the surface to bring enough accusations to stop the heart from speaking. 
I have not hired a lawyer nor will I hire one.  That would be playing into their strength.  If we the people stop the flow of cash into their companies they won’t have any money to pay their lawyers, they won’t have a company.  The only way they will cease to exist is if we go into every dark corner and expose the greed, the selfishness and in this issue the exploitation of innocent pets to make money in ways that actually cause their demise – over vaccination.
So how do we do it?  Very simply – each one of us speaks to all the people in our circle to BOYCOT Banfield the Pet Hospital, Petsmart stores and the Mars Company who owns Banfield.  If you have a wellness plan with Banfield cancel it.  But in addition we implore each of those people in our realm of influence to do the same thing.  In the coming days and weeks the momentum will build and the sales these companies enjoy will start to go down.  They will begin to panic and people who know things in high places will start to crack and speak.  We have only hit the tip of the iceberg but what will be revealed as we the people lock arms to protect our pets will be alarming and disgusting.  Ultimately I am praying for these people that they will be humbled to the point of repentance although no matter what, they will have to face the consequences of a heart gone wrong.
Let me make one last point – this is not about me.  I have no fear of anything that has happened and I am not intimidated.  I have never felt as alive as I do now because my life dream of protecting the pets and really all the animals of this world is coming to fruition.  As hard as they try to intimidate me all they have accomplished is to set a trap for their selves.  Just like many of you I wake up with my 16 year old cat on my lap as I read my Word to prepare for the day.  Just so you know Shadow has not had a vaccination in 14 years.  Then I spend some time with Hudson my ridgeback for a nice run in the yard.  He was fully vaccinated as a puppy and now receives only a rabies vaccine every 3 years.  I love my pets, they are like my children.  It’s not about me it’s about them.  So many pets died needlessly at young ages just because those in high places refused to listen to the truth and continued to inject poison for money.  I hope you understand these people are guilty of murder and unless we bring them down it will continue!  Look at your cat right now, look at your dog right now – now picture them dying needlessly with great suffering from a vaccine induced tumor or an immune mediated disease like hemolytic anemia where they can barely breath because they have no red blood cells left . Unfortunately for some of them its already too late, the poison has already been injected and their fate is sealed. But we can save the next generation of puppies and kittens before it’s too late.  The worse part of it all is the Banfield motto – We Treat Pets like Family.  Let me say it again this is not about me.  I am willing to give my physical life for this cause.  I am not worried about my eternal life as I have an assurance where I am going.

In summation make up fliers and put them on cars, in supermarkets or any place you can think of. Email all you know.  Go to U-tube, face book, twitter.  If you can afford a billboard put up a billboard find any form of communication to get people to stop buying wellness plans from Banfield, stop buying pet food from Petsmart.  Go online and see all the companies Mars owns and stop buying their products.  If we stay locked arm in arm and don’t walk in fear or intimidation the battle is already won.  God bless all in this Christmas season and stay strong!

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