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They are killing our pets! Pass it on!!

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Dear Fellow Banfield workers, colleagues, friends and administrators

My name is Dr John Robb owner of Banfield Charter #1867, Stamford, Ct. I have been with the company for years and our hospital has grown to close to 2 million revenue per year. In a typical day we will see between 60 and 85 clients, perform 8 to 14 anesthetic procedures and do 5- 10 drop off comprehensives. I tell you because we are the Brand here in Stamford, Ct. Clients are flocking to us in record numbers because they trust us.
The original vision that Dr Campbell had former CEO and great founder of Banfield was to have a mix of practice owned hospitals and Charters. These Charters or franchises were offered to veterinarians to constantly bring new ideas into the Banfield Family. Unfortunately as happens many times in large corporations business people begin to take over and the original intent changes from altruistic causes- in this case to help our beloved pets and their pet parents- to profits over pets. To this end the new “business vision” has been to systematically eliminate charters. As charters were forced thru various accusations to either sell their hospitals back to Banfield for pennies on the dollar, or thru trumped up charges be systematically terminated and in my case told to leave or be arrested. The remaining Charters have formed an association called BCHOA, The independent association of Banfield Charter Hospital owners, and elected another person who like I, “left the practice” Scott Oppat as their executive director. In spite of this organizations efforts through legal counsel the assault continues and the number of Charters that was in the 200’s has dwindled to around 177.  I did not join this association as I am not one to hire a lawyer but trust that if I do the right things “no weapon formed against me will prosper”.

The area where I have been attacked is my stance on over-vaccination.  When I graduated from UC Davis in 1985 the differentials or causes of immune mediated diseases like hemolytic anemia did not include antigenic stimulation from vaccines but now it does. How many of those poor pets who died at a young age of this disease would be alive today if we did not over-vaccinate.  Our wellness plans should include titers and then we would find out pets can be vaccinated for diseases early in life and maintain a protective antibody titer into their old age.  As my regional medical director Dr George Melillo recently said to me,” I had one rabies vaccine when I graduated vet school and every 5 years I get a titer checked.  The titer has always been protective and I have not had to have a booster yet.”  Would Dr Mellilo allow his immune system to be stimulated every 3 years or in some states every year with a rabies booster that would never have been needed and in fact could result in serious disease?  I think not!  Why are we doing this to our pets?  The answer is easy- vaccines are a cash cow for Banfield, the pharmaceutical companies and every veterinarian who will not ask the question, “Is this really necessary?”, because they do not want to know the answer!  I am now asking the question and Banfield through titers could give the answer.

In my case, as is common in the industry, I chose to give ½ dose vaccines knowing it would in some way minimize the toxic effect of over-vaccination. This is why they terminated me along with a bunch of trumped up charges that are true fabrications and lies.  If you go to my website,, you will see I have an unwavering agenda to help our pets get the best care possible and go against, vets, corporation, the  pet food industry, the pharmaceutical companies and any entity that will put profits over the lives of our beloved pets.  I took a veterinary oath that says in essence I must always follow my heart and do the right thing for those pets and pet parents no matter what the consequences.  I have done this and the consequences are hear. 

Banfield is reporting me to the Connecticut State Board to “try” and get my license revoked. But far worse than that is they are contacting all my clients to tell them to bring their pets back in to be re-vaccinated.  Based on this I returned to the PetSmart #1867 in Stamford, Ct to warn my clients not to allow Banfield to inject more toxins into their pets bodies.  I had handouts in my hands after coming from one of my clients homes, Joe Dispalro, who allowed me to use his computer and printer to formulate them.  When I arrived Banfield called the police and wanted me arrested.  The police would not do it because I was in the Petsmart store not Banfield and the store manager, Greg, said I was not trespassing.  So the police called an ambulance and hadcuffed me to a stretcher and wisked me off to Stamford Hospital for Psychiatric evaluation.  I was found completely sane and released in a short while. You saw the internal memo and now you know the true story. What comes next as Greg the store manager of PetSmart#1867 characterized as disgusting is this.  10 miles from my house occurred the Newtown Massacre that fateful morning.  My 6 year old Bruno was in kindergarten that very morning.  They took that event and that very afternoon closed Banfield #1867 sitting the safety of Banfield employees, clients, and PetSmart employees characterizing Dr Robb as having the potential to come in that store and do the same thing that occurred that very morning in Newtown.  Instead of having compassion on the victims and their families they capitalized on their horrific tradegy to push their owne agenda.  How low can a humane being get!

I took a Hippocratic oath to protect the pets and I must and I will find any method available to contact my clients and stop this carnage. Even though as you read hear Banfield is filing a court injunction to try and stop my voice. This was sent to me yesterday by Banfield’s attorneys:


Dr. Robb:

This is to advise you that Charter Practices International, LLC and Medical Management International, Inc. are about to file papers with the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut seeking, among other things, a temporary restraining order to prohibit you from:

a. entering the premises of the Hospital;
b. entering the premises of the PetSmart Store in which the Hospital is situated, including the parking lot of that store;
c. accessing Hospital equipment, documents and facilities;
d. communicating with Hospital clients regarding the clients' pets, the Hospital, or Plaintiffs;
e. communicating with Hospital associates or employees - or those at other Banfield Pet Hospitals - at any time;
f. communicating with franchisees, licensees, associates and employees of CPI at any time; and
g. communicating with any PetSmart Store employees at any time.

Bethany L. Appleby
Wiggin and Dana LLP
One Century Tower
P.O. Box 1832
New Haven, CT 06508-1832

Tel: (203) 498-4365
Fax: (203) 782-2889



In addition the the actions explained above, Petsmart has sent the police to my home in New Fairfield, Ct to try and further intimidate me.  Their  counsel, Jennifer Eudy, has called my wife on her cell phone acting as an alias to try and intimidate her.  This is our leadership in high places in Banfield?

I did contact the Mars Company early on so they would have an opportunity to intercede and I received a call back from Vincent Bradley our Vice president and Chief counsel Bruce Bennet not to do that again or they would give me nothing for my practice and go after my license.  I immediately called Mars back but they have not responded.  I then called PetSmart to warn them if they stayed affiliated with what Banfield and Mars are doing their brand and store could suffer and they chose to sent the police to my house. 

We live in a country where God has been eased out and evil has been flowing in.  This is just one example of people who would do whatever it takes to destroy a caring trustworthy Christian veterinarian who prayed over his hospital before the beams were up and told God this would be his temple and His Holy Spirit was welcome to have his way in this place.  They Banfield have walked into God’s temple and defiled it for money.

Below are the e mails that are flowing in as we speak of the clients telling you who do Robb really is, not the monster that Banfield is trying to portray.


I am going to create a face book page for our cause. Since they want to basically give you a gag order, I will be your voice. I am not affiliated with you as your employee, or any part of petsmart. I will be your voice. I will help get the word out to your prior clients. David and Goliath ring a bell? We can beat this Goliath and the truth and what's right will win. My Dave is good with webpage stuff. I'm going to enlist his help and in a couple days we will have something up.

Its bad enough we have corporations telling doctors how to treat people, do we have to let them tell our vets how to treat our pets as well? You bought a franchise. Yes, they have guidelines to follow, but as an independent owner, you have/had certain liberties to treat pets. What right do they have to "fire" you from your own business? You didn't sell......



Hi John
Thx for keeping me in the loop. You are such a talented and dedicated veterinarian. I hope when this has passed, you are able to open your own clinic once again.
Karyn Cordner


Dr. Robb,

I understand that vaccinations is a decision by the corporate office to make more money. I know that you respected our decision and you did not ever press us on vaccinating Gunther beyond what was necessary or required by law! We are behind you and wish you the best!

Maura Burke

Hi Maura,
First I want to thank you for your support in a difficult time. I apologize for the push on vaccinating your pet. Many times I felt caught between a rock and a hard place over this issue and ultimately standing up for what was right cost me my hospital. But its not over yet as I believe the truth will come out. In the mean time they, Banfield/Petsmart have sent the police to my house and have started harassing my wife. Whatever support you can give us is appreciated, thanks and God Bless, Dr Robb


Hi Dr Robb,
I am Maura Burke, you care for my Standard Schnauzer, Gunther. Katie O'Neill Bistrian is my sister and has forwarded the following information to me. My husband and I have done a lot of research on the effects of vaccinations to animals and vaccinate Gunther minimally because of the information we have read. You have always respected our decision on vaccinations with our 13 year old dog.
I would like to let you know that although you respect our decision, each time we are at Banfield we were spoken to for several minutes about the vaccines that Gunther does not have an the effects of not giving them to him. It was very offensive to us, but we always went back because we trust you with Gunther and that you will do the best for him.
We are going to call PetSmart and Banfield today and speak to them about this outrage and let them know that they have lost a customer in us and anyone we speak to.
Please keep us informed as to where you will be going so that Gunther can become your patient again.
Maura Burke


I have a question if this process takes a little time, how would I go about getting Dobie his First Shield, food etc. requiring prescription? I'm ok for now, just a thought....and what if he should God forbid get "sick" (something requiring a visit?)


Dear Dr. Rob,

I am so sorry for all that you are going through...this world is really full of evil but through prayer good will overcome. Persevere with what you have to do and the truth will patient and calm and always speak the truth.

I noticed you sent your letters to nbc but you might try fox news which is usually more fair and balanced and supportive for stories that have facts especially Bill O'Reilly.

It's funny Banfield did call me telling me I had an appointment but I don't remember making one for Dobie to be vaccinated. All I planned for when I was going to bring Dobie to you was to check his blood work, evaluate the results, evaluate a "growth" on his face between his eye and ear and discuss his food.
When you are able, let me know and I'll try to arrange getting him to you. "his" car (wagon) is not available though trying to fix it and it's hard for him to get in the back seat of my car. I always need help lately. He still has his spunky walk but climbing into the car is not easy. He needs help getting in and out.

I pray for your safety, thank you for answering my email and hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Dr. Robb,

This is Angela Giannitti, Dobie's owner. It took me a while to find a way to contact you since I just found out that you are no longer at Banfield in Stamford. I beg you to let me know where you have transfered to continue your love of taking care of animals.

As you may remember, Dobie will be 16 in 2 short months. I credit this due to the advice and care you have given to Dobie over the past few years. He is doing well considering all the "issues" but he needs his check up and vaccine and we would like and strongly want you to be the doctor for the remaining time Dobie has.

Please let me know where you are so I can schedule an appointment for Dobie.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Angel Giannetti


Hi Dr. Robb,
We need you. Kia is not doing so great. You may recall he is the Chesapeake bay retriever that you were heartbroken to tell my husband Frank and I that Koa has degenerative myelopathy. We don't know what to do and we need to see you.
I don't know what happened at Banfield and today they alleged that there was unsafe medicine going on. They closed the hospital for several days. We believe in you and need help.
Katie and Frank Bistrian


In summary, there will be major changes within the Banfield Corporation.  The people who have done wrong things will be brought to accountability.  I will offer my services in any way possible to help us get back to the motto started by Scott Campbell DVM – Treating Pets like Family.

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