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Cat tears

Dear Dr. Robb,

I just saw, your news report, about Pet Smart and you giving half doses of vaccines. HURRAY, for YOU!!

I just, buried my beloved 14 yr. cat, MaryKay, from VAS.

She received her feline leukemia shot, on June 5, 2012. My Vet hesitated, in giving her this shot. I now, know WHY.

This Vet, asked, if she still went outside and I said, a little. So, I went ahead, and allowed this deadly vaccine. When we left that day, her last words to me were...
"Mary is a very healthy cat, keep on doing what you're doing."

I later, learned, after MY cats diagnosis, Oct. 1, 2012, that, he had 4 cats, with VAS.

I was horrified, to think, a vaccine could do this. I was never told of the risks, but knew, from children, they could have risks.

After her diagnosis, the Vet who owned, the hospital, said, this VAS could have been dormant, in her system. That a previous rabies vaccine, could have been the cause.
That, an antibiotic could have been the cause. Then, WHY was she so healthy, ON JUNE 5th and now gone, 6 months, later?

In my heart...I believe, that JUNE 5th shot was the Cause. 2 Months, later, on December 7, 2012, we laid our cat to sleep. Horrified, by the enormity of the tumor, that took over her
back & spine.

We were told of the surgery. We went for a 2nd opinion, to the Cancer Care Vets, in Norwalk. They wanted to put her out, 22 times, for radiation, to shrink the tumor, before, the surgery, to remove the tumor. Then, follow up, with more radiation & possible chemo, after the surgery.

I did my homework. Poured over, info and blogs, from other pet owners, who experienced this horrid disease and outcome, for those who did do the surgery. In most cases, the tumors came back and their cats, only lived, a year or so.

Because of Marys age and the fact, that she only spent, ONE night, in the VET, for an infection, I could NOT bare, to put her, through all this and torture her, so
I did, what I thought, was the MOST humane thing, I could do.

Take her home and care for her and LOVE HER, during her final days. That was the easy part...that was what I always did. Take care of her, like my child.
Mary was my BEST FRIEND, my soul companion, my travel buddy, MY baby!! We slept together, every night. She got up, with me, in the morning
and would have her breakfast, while, I had my coffee...when I went to the bathroom, she would use her litter box...I never put her, ON a plane, only in the car. When we went to hotel rooms, I never went out to eat, but brought dinner to my room, never leaving her alone, with the noises. She was a good traveler and we went to FL. every Jan. for the last 10 yrs. Now she is gone.

My heart is breaking, as this is so fresh, but, I feel, something has to be done, to educate pet owners, of the risks of these vaccines.

I NEVER knew, vaccines were given, in right paws, for rabies& left paws, for leukemia, due to this cancer and removal of legs, if tumors were untreatable. AMPUTATE.

Mary was given HER leukemia, on June 5th, in the scruff, of her neck, where her tumor began to grow, not in her left leg, from an attending physician, Dr. Mary. She was diagnosed, by the Vet Dr. Bolotin, owner of JUST CATS, in Stamford, CT.,

I have gone, to Just Cats, for over 20 yrs. with all my cats.

I know, Dr. Bolotin was upset, for ME & my cat and seemed to question, this vaccine, in her scruff. I now see, from his website, Dr. Mary is no longer listed,
as one of his Vets. However, he seemed, very nervous, when we were laying her to sleep and began talking that this could be a fibrosarcoma. I felt, he was just covering
himself, from a potential lawsuit, as his original diagnosis was VAS and when I took, my cat, to the Cancer Care Center, in Norwalk, they diagnosed, VAS, also.

Regardless, of any of this...I am not suing, anyone. It won't bring, my kitty, back.

But, I DO believe, Pet Owners, need to be educated, to this. Everyone, I spoke to, that has a pet, I have asked, if they ever were told of this...
NOT ONE, said, YES.
NO ONE KNEW, this risk.

So, I will do MY part, now to get this word out and be more informed. And, if there is any input, you have, for me, please share.
I owe, it to my Mary, to protect, other pets, from this horrific nightmare.
May she rest in peace.
And, may you continue, to help save the lives of all our animals.

God Bless,
Sharon Camiglio

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