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-Banfield the Pet Hospital


-The Mars Company

They are killing our pets! Pass it on!!

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Veterinarians need to protect the pets, not their wallet!

I think most vets understand and agree about the idea of over- vaccination. I think many still vaccinate even though they know it is not the smartest way to approach the situation. They are terrified of potential lost income from not vaccinating and aren't secure enough to try other ways to get their clients into their facilities. My hospitals all suggest titer testing before vaccination. But between extra cost and the time involved in discussing/explaining the idea of titers, most vets aren't willing to do this.

Mark Crootof

Dr Robb Says:
It’s clear to me we are in agreement. This situation is about to change thru the things I have set in motion, the boycott of Banfield, Mars and Petsmart and the
re-education of the public as to what titers mean and what over-vaccination has caused. You are correct the local vet had little power but to play the cards
dealt to them. The victory will come when new cards are dealt.

Vets need to tell their clients the truth:  This vaccine has the potential to kill your pet, do you want me to give it? We could do a titer and find out that it is not even needed!


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