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It's Time to License Veterinary Technicians

Why is it important that nurses in human medicine are registered? We require that they attend school and acquire a foundational level of expertise before they practice medicine for the protection of the patient. In a veterinary practice or hospital, technicians perform many of the same functions, yet we do not have a national requirement that they achieve a level of certification.

Veterinary technicians are on the front line of your pet's care - administering drugs, giving injections, calculating the dosage of medication - performing procedures that have a critical impact on your pet's health. Currently veterinary technicians are asked to act as laboratory techs, radiology techs, surgery techs, dental hygienists and anesthesia techs as well as client educators. With an animal, small mistakes can have fatal results. I don't doubt that most techs get into the practice because they love and have an affinity for animals, but when it comes to medical treatment, love is simply not enough. That's why I'm fighting for a nationwide effort to train, certify and license veterinary technicians.

Most program directors at veterinary technician schools agree that all states should require veterinary technicians to be licensed. There is resistance to this effort from veterinarians who fear a licensed technician would demand a higher salary and therefore upset the financial viability of the clinic or hospital. In my experience, a licensed technician is a priceless addition to any practice. With training in the business aspects of veterinary medicine, I believe most practices can accommodate the higher salaries.

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