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Red Flags to Watch For

We want to believe that every veterinarian and practice operates from a sincere love of animals. But there are practitioners who have lost their way and are placing profits above pets. These are some red flags to watch for:

  • There is a sign in the lobby that says NO PAYMENT, NO SERVICE
  • They do not give senior citizens some kind of break - like a 10 % discount.
  • They ask for payment before they discuss the pet's condition and discharge instructions.
  • They have an answering machine instead of a person answering the phone.
  • They put you on hold for excessive periods of time and have you listen to sales pitches about products.
  • They push their pharmacy products instead of giving you the option of calling it into a local (or online) pharmacy that has better pricing.
  • After your visit, you are not given any handouts about the disease they suspect.
  • No diagnosis is made nor is a plan of action developed for further testing to lead to the diagnosis.
  • You leave confused about what happened or the next steps.
  • They don't give you written discharge instructions after your pet has been hospitalized or if no one goes over the discharge instructions with you.
  • They put time pressure on you so you don't get an opportunity to have all your questions answered.

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