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The Dr. Robb Protect the Pets Code of Conduct

Dr. Robb Protect The Pets Code of Conduct

  • I will treat all pets and wildlife in my practice with compassion and respect.
  • I will treat all people associated with my practice with respect: my patients, my staff, my customers and my colleagues, salespeople and wildlife rehabilitators.
  • I will never judge a client or let a client relationship impact the quality of my care for their pet.
  • I will not talk negatively about clients to my staff, or allow my staff to do so.
  • I will never take my frustration out on an animal by hitting or in any way assaulting them.
  • I will never euthanize a healthy animal simply for an owner's convenience - even if the animal is old.
  • I will regularly speak with specialists and attend continuing education to keep up with advancements in veterinary medicine.
  • I will research the latest pain management drugs and treatments so that no pet suffers needlessly.
  • I will treat wildlife and stray animals with the same level of care as a paying customer.
  • I will always conduct the financial business of my practice in a lawful and ethical way.

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