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To All Veterinaians’ in the United States and Around the World

To All Veterinaians’ in the United States and Around the World

The Purdue Study of 2005 which involved 1.2 million pets clearly indicated that small breed dogs and cats are more susceptible to vaccine reactions than large breed dogs.  This is why Dr Jean Dodd’s in her research pointed out we should "rethink" the one size fits all vaccine regiment.  And remember the Purdue study was only concerned with immediate reactions(within 72 hours) but we now know that there are latent reactions even death – Vaccine Associated Sarcomas  in cats and dogs, hemolytic anemia, seizures etc(read Dr Jean Dodd’s articles).  By the way, the current AVMA guidelines for vaccine protocols and particularly the rabies vaccination laws were never proven scientifically or by evidence based medical procedures but mandated upon the public by certain vested interest groups, pharmaceutical companies and the bureaucrats, which makes it a colorable law and not a constitutional law.  Which truly only makes it a recommendation in the full meaning of that word.   I have been giving 1/2 dose vaccines to small dogs and cats for 5 years and the titers I have done showed 100% effectiveness.  My vaccine reaction rates have gone down dramatically and my client’s pets are healthy.  This will become standard practice in the industry but we are now in a state of flux.  I am in my 3rd week of testimony of Banfied/Mars vs. Robb as they are trying to suppress this information to continue their over-vaccination.  Did you know legally you have the right to give ½ dose vaccines? Not only that but if you give any vaccine to a pet when you know it could harm the pet you could be prosecuted! Legally in the US licensed vaccines are subject to the Virus, Serum and Toxic Act (VSTA) of 1913.  The USDA and not the FDA regulates use of animal vaccines.  In 1996 in the US Supreme Court Case Lynbrook Farms vs. Smith Kline Beacham the court upheld the contention that VSTA pre-empts all remedies and in effect eliminates vaccine manufacturers as defendants in all cases.  The Veterinarian alone bears all liability for professional negligence and breach of warranty.  There are no federal regulations concerning the after the sale (by manufacturers) use of animal vaccines by Veterinarians’. The Animal Medicinal Drug use Clarification Act (AMDUCA) gives Veterinarians “discretionary” use of vaccines.  This basically says you don’t have to go with the vaccine manufacturers recommendations if you know that could injure a pet.  If in fact you do go with their recommendations and a pet is injured or dies you are responsible by law and could be subject to prosecution and loss of license!
On another note if I can prove there are a number of veterinarians giving ½ dose vaccines this becomes the standard of practice.  I have stood up and told the truth and backed it up scientifically.  Are you willing to help?  Do you know how many pets have died from over-vaccination?  It’s staggering - over 1 million!  If I could offer you immunity to prosecution would you be willing to testify?  Or at least let me know you are giving 1/2 dose in private so I can say in court, ( at least XX number of vets have contacted me and admitted they are giving ½ of the manufacturers recommended dosage for vaccinations in small dogs and cats). By the way it is not even about conformed consent because if you know it would hurt the pet even the client does not have the right to over-rule you and make you inject something that could kill their pet if not needed! You bear that grave responsibility of Protecting the Pet! 

God Bless, Love, Dr Robb 203-731-425 put in keywords” Boycott/Banfield

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